I'm supposed to be asleep now, gotta wake up early tomorrow to get my passport done. Its so convenient when the immigration center is above your college, ooh btw I can even get my IC done too! Its side by side! Hahah :D Time to change my primary student picture, since I'm able to do so with my hair being black now.

Better get it done before I change colour again.

Today was productive. I met up with a high school classmate Wei Lynn at Seri Petaling during my college break, and then Stefanie and Sherrie at Sunway after college!

Ooh how I missed them.

Now I'm waiting for another GG session, heh.

Don't think I'll be free updating this week ):

Cause I gotta study hard next week, sobs*
Wish I was this hardworking in highschool.
p/s : i'm going online using my phone, therefore I cant reply anyone on my cbox! So sorry ):


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