I'm so starstruck!

I've been really busy so sorry.

Last Friday night was Afdzals 19th Birthday Celebration at Perdana View Condo.
Thats where I injured my finger, tummy and what not.

Then on Monday, I met up with Justyne and Jade yesterday at MV.
Catching up time (:

More pictures coming up.


On another note, did anyone hear about the rave going on at Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills?
Knight Castle '09.

Mark your calendars cause its happening on the 25th of April!
From 6pm till dawn (:
DJ List :
Sander Van Doorn
Van Eyden
Scott Alert

I'm going; I guess or hope(?)!
Heh. Anyway for more info clickedy click click on the banner on the right for more info.

& I'm so happy that finally someone decided to have a rave up there.
Cold winds, dark starry night, couldnt get better right?
Me and Marshy at Gentings Rave last year.
Ooh and not to mention the architecture there is lovely.
Reminds me of Maison. Country styled theme?

And talking about Maison, it is one of the main sponsors of the event.

Oh how've I missed the old times!

The old wild times me and my babes shared in Maison (; Zouk is a bore, well sort of.

And I hope that I'll be crowned Blogger Queen of the week!

Hehehe (:

Cause I would really love to go andddddddddd...

It would be damn awesome if I could play dress up with my babes and wear my funky sunglasses too, lol. And like I said, I really need a time off to party ):

Till then loves!
For more info visit :


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