Lady GaGa

I dont think this lady needs an introduction as you all should know by now the basic stats of the singer that brought you 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face'
So let me ask you; Have you ever wonder why at the start of some tracks she goes..
"Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" ?

It is the pseudonym used by music producer Martin Kierszenbaum.
And miss GaGa is under Cherry Tree records.
So do you get it now?
Haha I thought it was some catchy line at first, so I did some research and voila!
Not only is GaGa talented, but she is also very very stylish!

She looks like the modern pin up girl to me.

Her body lagi hot!
Omg, me and mum couldnt stop drooling over her thighs and legs.
Toned and sexy, yums!
Haha anyway to show love for GaGa, my playlist is playing two of her new songs.
1. Starstruck ft Flo-Rida
2. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)


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