Stephanies' promise (In Black & White) :
"I Stephanie Lim shall start studying hard from next week onwards till my finals"... Ooh wait! "But maybe a break one week once (:"

Okay thats random hehe.
But a promise to myself lah, I do not wanna fail my accounts. Yikes!
So I need all of my blogders support yea?

Anyway yesterday was fun, had a get-together-session of drinking, twister, silly card games with a few classmates of mine and other friends too.

Haha I shall post some pictures soon.
I just realized that my group of college mates are all from diff ethnics and races (:
From Africans to Khazakstans! Happening woi!

Something almost similar to this, lol.
Anyhoo im gonna go out again! Fuck, two days straight of drinking gah.
Then back to books!


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