Happy Birthday Ms. See Why?

Now everyone shout with me..



So yesterday after my CTS exam, I rushed home cause my two darlings were already waiting infront of my house.

The went shopping at Bangsar earlier and Wendy's car was filled with goodies!
So fun, but boohoo. I'm stucked with exams!

So they came up to my place, talked, camwhored and they showered *your home is my home policy* Haha.

Exibit A.
Name : Miss Wandarrr.

And of course, the Birthday Princess!
Ms. Low See Why?
Omg then the photo session got crazier and crazier.

This is how excellent Wendy is at taking pictures.
There's even a shot of my floor -.-

Guess where's Wendy?

I seriously dont know what the hell I was trying to potray.
Oh wells.

Then we left to the Curve.
Had TGIF for dinner, birthday girls choice (:

This is a damn close shot!
Oily faces.

After dinner we walked down to the car park, and camwhored some more!

Gosh seriously I miss you guys so much!
All the crazy picture sessions and crapping time.

Can laugh until die!

Anyway I had a great time, hope you girls did.
And so sorry I didnt get you anything, but I spent you dinner.
Hope you have a full tummy eventhough you couldnt finish it, too much cheeseeee!

I love you babies!



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