Me and Daddykins went for the McClaren F1 Party at Le Blanc Club at Heritage Row last night.
Was hurrying with my makeup and so , till I realized I lost my lash glue.
So I had to like use the one SeeWai and Wandarr gave me for my 17th birthday.

The Shu Uemura one.
Seriously its like damn precious to me lor!
I still remember the time they came over my house, went to my room and hid my lashes!
But tell you dears what, I will wear the diamonde lashes you gave me, on my 21st Birthday okay?
Its just two more years and it'll be damn special. Cause for now, I dont have any really special occasion to wear it too. Alrighty?
So yea, the party was held at Le Blanc club at Heritage.
Munch on all the starters and sipped champange (:
Didnt eat much tho, they were serving up scallops and all but I was to busy walking around! Heh.
More and more people start coming like Pedro de La Rosa, Winnie Loo, Ella, Ning Baizura so on.
Had a great time and I even bumped into Madeline!
Pictures will be up soon yea?



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