I'll return the favour


* I love you mummy so so much. Thank you for always being there for me, eventhough sometimes I dont really pay attention to what you try to tell me but all your advices are stuck inside my head already. I hope you enjoy everything that me and Erin had planned for you <3 Loves! *

So anyway, this week has been really forgiving to/for me.
Of all the ups and downs, I still had pillows around to cushion my fall.

Darling Eevons birthday.
Me and Marshy waiting for Lady AwAw to arrive, so for the time being what else do girls do?

Camwhore! (: heh.

Next will be Sri Ayunthaya updates.


p/s : CBox might be up and running anytime soon. Prolly after college starts. We'll see (:


Unknown said…
heh. what did Erin and yourself planned for your mom on mothers day? :D
stephiielim said…
You have to stay tuneeee to find out! Hehehhe ;p
stephiielim said…
Heheh, we did suprise lunch, cupcakes and all. Whats with the anonymous ID? Hmmmm?
Unknown said…
what anonymous ID? *blur*

You'd be interested in . . .