I'm mad about shoes..

Today was a real awakening call for me, I think i'm a shoe addict.
Like a MAJOR shoe addict!

I cant help but to stare and fall in love with yummy looking sky rocket heels.
I touch them, feel them, love them.
I know it sounds damn bimbotic and all but I really really gotta explain/express my obsession to the world (:

Aldo Shoes by deadcenter.

Here is one of my many favourite shoe haunts.

It was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in Montreal, Quebec, in 1972 where its corporate headquarters remain today. It has grown to become a worldwide corporation, with over 950 stores under 6 retail banners.
Basically everywhere, every ALDO shop you visit looks the same *pic above* Square, glass windows, racks of shoes.

Okay other than ALDO I love independent designers such as JLo, Steve Madden, Charles and Keith, all I can think of for now. Up to date, I have more than 60 pairs of shoes, which are just pumps/wedges/etc. Not counting the flats, ballerinas, flip flops I have.
Which would prolly amount up too... Ugh idk..

My mum complained about my shoe space, as I seem to be taking more than her. My boyfriend says that I pay more detail to my shoe than him and my dad thinks im going nuts over something you step on. Yadayada.

Well ladies, let me give you reasons why shoes are always a GOOD investment.

1. Shoes complete an outfit, if you are wearing a gorgeous dress and some simple flat boring pale coloured pump. Then whats the point? From the top it will be "Wow you look gorgeous..." and when it tails down to the bottom.. "Uhmmm...Yeah.. Okay.." Get what I mean?

2. It doesnt hurt to spend abit more on shoes that are made from leather! Leather will expand after some time and become soft therefore it will be more comfy to wear. Whereas PU/PVC will only get more, scratches, wrinkles and colour loss.

Just got this baby today! Happy happy!

3. Other than that, you look at the shape of the heel. The wider on top and slimmer at the bottom. This elongates your legs hence making it slimmer and sexy (; Even if you have short, stubby legs.

4. Always make sure there's a raise platform for any heels that are more than 5inches. Your legs wont get so tired after walking for long periods of time.

5. If youre splurging on a pair of really really expensive shoe, and worry that it might go out of style *Eg: Picture below.* Then go for something made out of full leather, animal skin or simple and minimal ie.: Pumps(?) .

I got this in all the colours! Heheee :P

6. The best example of something simple but not OTT is like the one in the picture above.

I guess this advices will do.
I'm really a shoe freak, and dont mind askin me bout shoe advices.
Now all I need is help to control my urge to splurge.
Can die seriously.
Ohh by the way..

Now I need your advices!
Should I get this pair above?

Its sexy, black and white, lovable! But I just got the Bradshaws today, how laaa?
I'm dying to make a decision, if I get this I cant spend on shoes or bags for the next month! How how how?

Sorry im being damn bimbo, but Ive been thinking bout it the whole day already! Omggggggg.

Okay gotta run, finishing Katie Price's Angel. Love the story! Yums!
Ciao (:


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