Teaser post

I calculated and I have about 400 pics yet to be uploaded. Theres even leftovers from 2008, omg.


the boys are over at my place playing mahjong //.

And i'm having a slight hangover from the booze yesterday. Yikes.

My pre-birthday bash was held last night at Zouk.

My darlings were there, the boys were everywhere and it was Gaga Vision night.

GaGa's were everywhere!

The best part was when I won her album!
Too bad I didnt win the tickets tho, but at least I have something better than nothing (:

And I really want to thank my baby for planning everything, and friends who helped out to get the party going. Thank you so muchie!

Updates in a day or two.. Or more ;p


Unknown said…
what the turf. i was there for a moment!!! i didnt friggin see you! D: D: D:

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