A wild, crazy night out.

So for an unbelievable, bored out of our mind reason..

The gang and I hit Maison on a Thursday night.
To our horror, the place was effing empty. Wait let me rephrase that, it was TOTALLY EMPTY.

Then while me, Jossie and Kath were looking around we reminisced 'bout our old Maison times.
The crowd, the alco, the music, lights, you get the picture.
It is SO DEAD right now.

So technically we were the only ones there, it kinda spoiled the mood abit. But we manage to pick it up after a few shots of 42 Below ((:

Kim, Me, Loyce and YinYin

Lala, YinYin, Moi, Inspector Gadget and WK
Moi, Future Chef Extraordinaire, YinYinJieJie
MC, Lala and Wai Loong.
And Loyce found a new way of using her *ahems* "chest"...

Yeah, she forced people to drink from it.
Putting shot glasses in between them, lol.
And when the alco did its wonders..
The party just got wilder and wilder..
Everyone was dirty dancing, showing off, busting a move //.
As usual, poser boy Mr 2 Hours and Siddiq.
Scene 1#
Loyce on top of Chun Lam
Scene 2#

Jossie dirty dancing Chun Lam
Scene 3#
Both of them ditched Mr Lala and sealed it with a kiss, yum ((:

The whole bunch of us, well almost.
Daniel Haqim, Wai Loong, WK, Emely, Kath, Jossie, YinYin, Kim, Afdzal, Chun Lam, did I miss anyone out?
Me, Miss Lolli and Jo totally kicked the guys ass at dancing!
My delicious yummy sister (:

It was almost time to go and Kim & Emely got abit mellow, while Jossie was playing all cute and fuzzy, heh.

My darlings, Jossie, Kath and Miss Lolli.
Its been a long time since I got really really tipsy, lol.
Oh I forgot to add, part of the 'outing' was for us to relax, before our results came out.

Picture credit : Tan Yin Yin
Thank you!
More picture available at my Facebook.



Unknown said…
WAHWAHWAH! wild night. wish i was there ;)
Unknown said…
btw babe. loving your snake like bangle. can i steal it the next time im at your place? ;p ahahhaa.
stephiielim said…
Yeah when you gonna come?
You promiseddddd ;p
Ooh I got 3 snake bangles now btw. Hahahah!
Unknown said…
ill be there for your party! there's gonna be booze right? make sure i dont go overboard. imagine having a hangover during exam hours. omggg.
nvm, i steal all 3! bwahahah xD

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