You didnt want to..

Overdue pictures from McClarens F1 Party.


Seriously I don't like people wearing mask hiding their true self.
Those that never calls you unless they need something or someone.

I've been spending the days and nights with friends I didn't really acknowledge at first but now I realized that they have always been there for me. I was just too blind to see. Thanks for calling me when you know I need you, thanks for popping up last minute when you know I needa break from my life and scream my lungs out. Thanks for the dinners and Rasta/Laundry sessions. Thanks for having me in your house drinking up all the wine, haha.

But the worst part from all of these is I lost my best friend, a friend that I loved.
I know that you'll have me back if I make promises and change. But some part of me knows that things wouldnt be the same as before and it is all my fault. I got no one else to blame but myself.

Thanks for everything (:


SAMMIE said…
hey..u really ditched ur cbox..
haha..anyway..i just wanted u to check tis out..its really nice..
stephiielim said…
Oh okay sure will check it out. Yeah not coming online anymore soon!

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