Birthday presents!

My birthday had been a blast!

I'm so thankful for everyone who made it happen and was there to share with me, all the good times this few past few days and future days holds.

Thanks for helping out, thanks for the surprises, thanks for being there, thanks for sharing, and THANK YOU MY DEAR LOVELY FRIENDS! I'm so grateful I that I have friends like you all.

The goodies..

Few of the bunch of cards I recieved, filled with many well wishes and jokes!
I'm gonna put all of these up on my shelves, so when I wake up I'll be able to look at them.

& hopefully put a smile on my face.

And baby got for meee...

Hahaha, i'll let you do the guessing heeeeee!

Yin Yin and Kim got me this cutey (:

Mummy tried to surprise me with this; she got it from her recent trip to Singapore. But my dad kinda blurted out the 'surprise' way before she even had the chance to show it to me hahaha.

And last but not least..

Erin got me the new Flora by Gucci!

Ahhhh me likey (:

I'm so happy for all the presents i've recieved.

Ooh and thank you SY, WH, AY, KL & SW for the Body Shop kit! I kinda took it out already, so looks very messy hahahah. By the way, i'm glad to see you guys after so long and it was fun catching up and talkin bout stuff, you guys made life in Sentosa bearable lol. Sorry I couldnt talk longer that night but we should meet up soon, again!

Once again, thank you everyone!




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