Joke of the Day.

Before I start blaberring about the most silliest thing that could've happen to me ever, I'll like to share something with you guys (:

I dyed my hair brown!
Okay from blonde to dark blonde to ash then black and now brown! I'm considering platinum blonde tho. Dont know whether I can pull it off or not. Hmmm.

Anyway this is basically what happened today.

I was rushing out as I was afraid that I might be late to pick sis up from school. So as usual I checked everything, made sure I brought everything I needed for the day as well. Walked out through the front door then locked the gate, twice. Went down to the car, went into the drivers seat and started up the engine; closed the door and was walking halfway to the other side of the car when I heard a 'click'. It didnt matter at first, as soon as I got to the other side, I pulled the door handle and realized that the door was locked. First thing that came to my mind was to check the other doors. OMFG, its all locked! Like wtf right? I freaked out like shit, went up to see whether I had a set of spare keys inside my handbag.

Nope. Nothing. Empty.

Oh my friggin god!
Can die!

Luckily I did not forget to bring my cell, called Dad told him what happened. He didnt get mad or whatsoever, thankfully! ; I thought I was dead. Anyway he sent someone over to pass his keys to me. I waited for 1 long, hot, humid hour under the scorching sun ))): till someone finally came! Gah. The frustration was over!


Oh by the way did I mentioned that the car engine was running as well?
Wasted the petrol!

Le sigh~

Anyway the ordeal is over, now you all can start laughing at me.

I didnt waste the time tho, I took few pictures of things around me.
Tons of pictures but i'm uploading three of my favourites.

This was actually a test shot, I was playing around with the settings of my camera.
Turn out quite nice tho, the sun rays are kinda visible.

This is my favourite 'clouds' of the bunch.

Vintage maybe? mhmm.

And last but not least, daddys golden.

Can we eat Koi fishies?

Oh well, what a nice way to start a day.


Unknown said…
tsk tsk.. waste money on hair dye again. should have brought me out for dinner! ;P
stephiielim said…
Hey! Dont make me feel worse! I dont really like it tho. Sigh*
stephiielim said…
Hey! Dont make me feel worse! I dont really like it tho. Sigh*

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