I have alot on my mind right now.

Firstly, my gastric has gotten worst. I've been trying to eat healthy, i've never gone on a crash diet, always took my meals on a specific time, tried my best at everything possible just to prevent this from getting worst. Gah, but it looks like nothing is working ):
So girls, please take care of your health. Dont go on crash diets or starve yourself for days.
Its all not worth it. The medical bills can kill weih. Omg and the worst part its the meds, makes you feel like crap!
Secondly, a lecturer in my college is being so unreasonable.
Giving everyone a headache, well she's prolly thinking the same thing about us.
Oh wells.
Thirdly, quizes and midterms are coming up.
This sem is just so effed up.


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