Seventeen Again

Erin, Ming, Cally and Moi went to The Curve to catch Zac Efrons new flick, 17 Again. And boy, we droooooooooooooled all over him!

Omg, seriously ZacE was never cute/hawt to me but oh my gosh he just looked so good in that movie. Especially the part where he was stepping out of the Audi with his leather jacket and aviators! *drools*

So it was a midnight movie and we had plenty of time to kill, dropped by Laundry for drinks.


Had my cosmo as usual, then meatballs and other alco drinks for the girls.
Killed 2 hours by catching up on stories 'bout Cally and her new beau; and played bluff with Erin, etc.


Ming crashed our place later at night.

& I miss you hun! Gawd, we can really talk for hours weih, and two isnt enough ):
Will see you soon, mwahhhh!



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