Online Shopping 1#

Hello my lovelies i'm back!
Yeah just did my last paper today, Elementary Law.
I'm not to happy about it tho, I guess I didnt do so well. But all hopes are in for Psychology.
Anyway as I promised a little know how on online shopping.
I'm so lazy to go out and shop nowadays, thats why I converted to do everything online! And I dont even have to move and inch, I can browse through shops while watching TV. Hahah yes I am that lazy.
I have a few blogshops that I truly love. Let me share with you this blog shop I adore, I bought almost about four pieces of clothings from this shop this year and I love all the clothes I recieved!
ROOM 8008

First thing I love about ROOM 8008 is their spunky and fun pictures!
Imagine boring old dolls modelling clothes, would you have a clear idea of what your purchasing?
The other thing I love about ROOM 8008 is wonderful service I've recieved so far.
Cash on delivery service is always up to par, and I she doesnt make me wait!
Their always so friendly and polite as well.

Check this blog out alright!
Loves Y !


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