Rainbows and honeymellows.

Hello! Oh my god, I feel so much better today.
Thanks to my darling Abbie and few others (: Thanks for cheering me up!

Ooh and I checked out KBU College today, not too shabby I might say. Hahah such a different environment compared to HELP College! Played foos, I won! And hung out at Centerpoint, McD.

Then went to The Curve to meet Abbie darl up. Lunch at Sakae Sushi. Then went over to e@Curve and played a game of dodge ball. It was fun but scary weih! Heh. Then we stayed longer to watch the match, it was so exciting! mhmm loves!

Picture of the day *grabbed it from photobucket*, wish to fly away in a bubble. An outer protection, colourful and soft.

Anyway people, follow me on my Twitter!.
I'll be updating through my mobile phone, frequent updates on my whereabouts & what i'm up to *that is if you do care heh*.



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