twit twitt!

Pictures of the moment.
I got these clip on extensions!
Haha, got it for fun cause it was on sale.

The extra length (:

Me and my sayang Abbiekins.
Hahah damn random right?


SAMMIE said…
the extensions looks really good :)
stephiielim said…
Haha really? But its black in colour! Can see obviously its fake, lol.
♥ ling said…
love ur blog layout! :)
Chen Shin said…
I think you should go for a lighter shade, thou it isnt obvious. =)
SAMMIE said…
ya ah?..but it looks nice in pictures tho..wont look fake la..haha..
stephiielim said…
Ling, thank you! But I think im gonna change soon. So bored of it already hahah.

Chen Shin I wanna go blonde, but its such a big step! How?

Sammie, hahah you should see it real life lol.

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