onetwothreefour; tell me that you love me more.

I know I hardly dont update my blog.
I'm really sorry about that, my pictures have been piling up but i'm damn lazy to transfer and upload them lol.
Anyway I have been enjoying my semester break, the best so far? Haha maybe.
Despite or the dramas and misunderstandings, i'm still standing tall.
So i've been to a few places for the past three weeks, from Port Dickson to Australia to Genting, etc; i'm really satisfied with what I've done this month, sadly its all gonna be over soon. The new sem is starting like, next week? Ohmy. Long sem sumore, its gonna be real hectic!
Some pictures :

Yeah, I've been clubbing alot recently.
I know.
I was in Australia last week, and the week before that I've been out since Wednesday till Sunday. Really really late nights, and its taking a toll on my skin!
I need to switch back to get my time right again before the sem starts -.-
Oh by the way, Merdeka is coming!
wheeee :DD
Till then loves!


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