4Play @ Zouk.

babycally and I did Zouk few weeks back.
we seriously had nothing better else to do lor, sayang came over to my place in the afternoon.
hung out, did the usuals.
got ready and then;
Andy came and got us, then headed down to KL.

Chilling at Terrace Bar.




AndyK & I.
Tonight he was off duty, but he never left my camera alone.

This is REVENGE!

Cally and Terry.

To all the haterrs.

We had jugs of alco.
Each of us had one to ourselves, gah!

my baby sayang.

cally and terry, again.

Damn random shot, I told you; he couldnt let go of my camera!

wheeee :DD

compliments to Andy for all these shots, hahaha.

Darling Sue Anne and I.

Sue and Xiong.
try saying that 20 times fast.

the girls.

Terry's, Cally's, Stephiie's & Andy's.

She said she looks cute, damn perasan hor.

When we were away dancing..

Posers -.-

My hair was in an utterly complete mess that night.

The amazing crowd that night (:

" Its all MINE! Hahahahah ... "
p/s : you'll know whenever Cally is drunk/tipsy. The shush sign will be on her lips. Idk why.

Patrick & Andy.

Terry & Me.

Cally & Terry.

Idontknow what I was doing, sorry.

Andy, Cally, Terry.
the group of people with names ending with why.

Terry & Me.

The one and only Goldfish!

Wow, like damn serious konon; hahaha.
cheeeeeeka (:
The night was awesome, had fun.
Love my babycally.
thankyou; mwahmwahmwah!

- END.


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