Afdzals 19th Birthday 20.3.2009

Mr. Buaya's nineteenth birthday at Damansara Perdana.
A barbecued-poolside party.

1# Poser at college and everywhere.

Loyce with my phone talking to Kassim -.-

Yes we all know you love posing.

The rest came later.
Chiko's (:

She guarded the alcohol the whole night!

Luckily I wasnt the first to go in the pool.
I did get pushed later on, and the worst part was that the party havent even started.

There were balls, floats and rubber duckies around the pool but soon got missing.
Idontknow what happened to them.

And after a few drinks and loads of splashings, etc everyone got really mad lol.
After everyone had a 'chance' to get in the pool, fully clothed or not.
People voluntarily jumped in by themselves. Hah!

See the guy in the pool?
yes thats our own birthday boy, who got tricked into jumping in hahaha.

See it for yourself, the extreme joy on Loyces and Chikos faces.
Major lol moment.

& finally we all went in togethergether (:

Excluding Loyce.

Getting out of the pool was always the hardest part, especially when you have to pull everyone else out *hinthint* you know who you are ;p

The music was pumped to the max, and all of us started drinking and dancing the night away.
Loved the place, the view was just gorgeous. You could see half of BU and KD with all the glittering night lights.

This was towards the end, it was drizzling at it was effing cold okay!
The night ended well with Miss Loyce running half naked down the street, omg.
Happy Belated Birthday my gay partner in crime (:


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