Hello blogerville (:

Got nothing much to say today other than how mad happy I am (:
This week have been really awesome. Btw I just joined the gym; gonna start working out like real soon lol.
Ooh did Zouk twice this week with babycally & the much bimbo us.

Lucky to have the bunch with me having fun & getting really smashed haha!

sad to say, some people are just jealous and trying to start a war again.
and I ain't gonna stoop so low like them.
wonder how they can put up with all those drama in their social circle; trying & pretending everytime.

Anyhoo, pictures will be up soon! I suppose? Heh.

Lotsa love


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Anonymous said…
Hello, saw you hanging out at The Apartment is the last few posts. Can I know where is it located? Looks awesome :)

You'd be interested in . . .