Info : Mid Valley with Mr. Collin.

After college/class headed down.

Didnt know what to do, since both of us are like so darn free.

Bought tickets for the 4.15pm show and had about thirty minutes; I was mad hungry hence had tea time at Delicious.

God, i've been going there a whole week.

The one at MidValley doesnt have my Yakitory Chicken Skewers!

Oooh and I love people staring, harhar.

That is what, me and Daryl usually do when we have our lunch/dinner at The Curve.

Sit and stare at people walking by making themselves feel really uncomfortable and all hahahaha. Yes, I am that evil ;p

Me and him ♥

Yeah I know i'm sucha bad influence yadayada, so sue me.
Like I effing give a damn. Hmpft.

The boy says I look like some undercover serial killer, lol.

That covers my usual day.

Okay ♥ 's !

Ooh by the way i've been hearing new shits bout me going around.

Like I havent had that going on before. Say whatever you want. Cause in the end of the day you know its you who feels so unsatisfied/unfulfilled with you pitiful life. Boohoo, go cry to you mommy. Just dont act like a innocent hoe, when you're a mean sick wannabe bitch.


Cassandra said…
Haha, love your outfit!
readerr said…
like your bag from the last post. where did you get that from?
stephiielim said…
Cass : Thanks deariee (:
Reader : Its from Charles and Keith hehehe.
Anonymous said…
nice outfit (; where did you get the tops?

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