Perth, Australia '09. Teaser Post.

Couple weeks back, short random last minute trip with the family to the land down under ♥

We were just talking about it over dinner and pooft!
Daddy bought tickets the next day.
Kononnya Air Asia X damn cheap, thats why.
The view outside my small pot hole window; oh so lovely blue dewy skies.

Over all, the trip was wonderful.
Well needed break for me thinking 'bout it, I wanna go back there now ):

More pictures coming up, I really really have a gazillion photos!
I've been really busy, yes I know i'm like M.I.A'ing from the whole internet world. Thats because i've been all around KL/PJ the whole time doing *secretly* something.
When everything is 100% confirmed and all, i'll let you sayangs know what i've been up to! Now its all hush hush first hehehe.

Okay loves, sick blogger girl has to go back to her bed.
Till then ♥


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