Candy Jam Launch @ SPACE. Teaser post.

Teaser post.
SPACE for the launch of Candy Jam.

Till then lovelies.


Anonymous said…
hey!!i like your hair alot!how do you take care of it?mind sharing?hehehe?you did rebonding before??
Anonymous said…
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stephiielim said…
1st Anonymous :
- Yes I did, about five years ago. But I regretted it, cause my hair became very curly and dry after that. Now its wavy but I use treatment creams/oils to maintain it (:

2nd Anonymous :
- I like your idea, email me at to discuss more.
Anonymous said…
owhh~~icic!!but it looks so straight and does not look like curly and dry you iron it b4 ur going out?=D sorry yea..i damn kepo wanna noe..haha!

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