kayelle here we come!

A week back me and my babycally took a day off for a short shopping trip down to the magnificent city of kuala lumpur.

i love being in the city, especially the centre. 
the malls, the lights, our twintowers and all.

Anyway both of us woke up with a really bad hang over, so by the time we got there was like fourintheevening? mhmm, did some shopping; especially outfits for the rave. got some hoodies and leggings, lace are the zex right now uhms, period.

Then headed to DOME for some beeflasagna.
I love the one at Lot10, surprisingly it tastes so diff from the other branches hmm.

talked for hours, idk how we never seem to get bored or run out of topics.

Trying to catch a shot of the KL Tower.


Anyhoos after kayelle, drove back to OUG for the night market.
I was itching to go since Tuesday but missed it cause it rained.

We were effing late cause we left KL about eightthirtyplus, and I was driving like a mad woman in hopes that; one, it doesnt rains. two, it wont be closed by the time we got there.

Got there just in time, started lashhunting up and down.
my stock of fakes are running out, was searching for the usual one I go to but what we realized was that all shops selling fake nails/lashes/etc were not at their usual places anymore, heck we didnt even see a stall selling those! 

I was almost heartbroken till I passed by this store and ohmyfuckinggod. 
fourteeneffing pairs for only RM8. CHEAP, mad cheap!

I bought a total of hundredandsixtypairs lol.
whole year supply, wear once then throw (:

Had another round of dinner, Assam Laksa.

More to come,


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