Goodmorning Malaysia!

Our first bestie video ♥

Please dont mind the stonned faces, and the uhms & ahhs.
Lol, we were lost for words!
Not to mention, who has anything to say at 7am?!

my night was great tho :D
& now, I shall tuck myself into bed. Goodnight to me, goodmorning Malaysia!
with love,



  1. dang. your voice is not what i've imagined. but the slight nasal voice is quite sexy. lol

    no worries. im a girl, not a pervert. :D

    p/s: i know its kinda weird to comment on your voice instead of the camera. lol

  2. the video is clear but couldn't reli hear wat u guys were talking...><

  3. Anon : Hmmm how did you imagine me sounding like then? Hahah its okay no probs.

    Anon : Hahaha better video quality next time kays! Thanks for watching tho.

  4. Hey, I've been wanting to get the Fujiflim poloraid camera too! Do let me know where can I get one if you know. :)


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