Simon's Birthday & Red Square launch.

Last year, October I think.
Was at the Red Square Launce & Simon Celebrated his birthday there.

The place was small but ambience was good.
Anyways enjoy the pics!

Stallone & Me.

MichelleY, StefanieAw, EevonAw & Me.

Cally & Me.

StephLee, Cally, Me, Mandy.

Yuki, Botak, Me & Cally.

MichelleY & Ben, awww.

Ben , Me, Stef, Jasmine, Michelle.

Almost all my girlf were there that night (:
mad happie.



kenmunn said…
Babe, Justyne here. Go read!
Pictures of us when we were in primary school! Too funny.
But don't kill me after you see it.
stephiielim said…
I read alrdy! Omg, we are so the cute, hahahah. Got moreeeee? (: & shhhh, dont tell people my nickname okayy! you and youre rabbit teeth. nenene.

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