♥ idkwhattosay.

for almost two weeks now ; finals had passed, enjoying my sem break, like finally.

time passes very fast; for all I know its end of the year already ):
which means that I only have two more weeks to berenjoy.

Then I have to go back to being a nerd, book books bookkk.
& snooping around the library.

MPH at  MidValley

So anyways , its almost the end of 2009 and the new year is almost here; TWOTHOUSANDTEN.
I'm turning twenty next year, TWENTY! Damn scary can? No more 'teen' behind my age, more responsibilties, gahhhh!

Khoo Ley Vin 

I really really loved this year, I have learned so much, went through a lot, partied like crazyy, spent like mad, shopped like hell, ate like a pig, met a lot of new & influential people ;  I never dreamt that I would be doing this. 

Not to say that I didnt meet any obstacles this year, I did ; hell loads of it.
But I had more ups then downs, and the ups were so high that the downs were just small bumps on the road.

CheeHong, Me and Ivy | Phuture, Zouk.

If I could wish for something , I would never want this year to end but at the same time I wonder what the new year will bring.

Erin & Me | Krispy Kreme, Times Square.

I'm glad I had a chance to do all of this before I turned twenty, at least I dont have to do it after i'm twenty. If not I'll prolly get laughed at  -.-

Seriously, one of my biggest worries of turning twenty is that I wouldnt have the chance to be a child again (at times lah, not always!) and everything has to be oh-so-serious. 

Leyvin and Me | Zouk.

But I know for a fact that i'll have you to usher in the New Year with me (:
& not forgetting the rest.

Eeeek, I cant waitttt!

I dont really do new year resolutions or wishes but I do hope that past will stay in the past and the future will bring many many joys in my life. & all the hatred and grudges will soon pass and move on, as we all look forward towards living life to the fullest.

Imagine that if the world really does ends on 2012; you have only two years more to live.
& it would be damn saddening right, to waste two precious years being bitter and rotten.

Jon and Me | Phuture, Zouk.

well wishes to all my blog readers and friends!
May the new year bring tons of happiness and new opportunities.
; Learn to live and let go.


I know its kinda early, but i'll be leaving to Gold Coast in two days time by the time i'm back it'll be Christmas/New Years already.

Joyride with Erin, Cally & CC | everywhere from kayelle to peejay!

& if youre wondering whats with the way I blog nowadays.
Hehehe, i'm killing two birds with one stone, doing a small update of what I have been doing, and sharing my thoughts and feelings without making the post looking emotional or sarcastic/whatnot. 

loves, xx! 


Anonymous said…
ur like my idol u knw:)
Unknown said…
you'll still be twenTEEN! to me youre always a teen (; i love you. xx
stephiielim said…
Anon : Thank youu , that means a lot (:

Abbie : omggg, yes! Twenteen! Im so digging it hehehe. I love u too hun, pls be good whn im not here. Only be gone for a week, so try not to get into any trouble whn im not here kays? Love u!

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