jolly ol' christmas ♥

By now, i'll prolly be on the plane flying off to Gold Coast | Australia already.
Oooh I seriously cant wait to hit the beach and get a tan! (:
Not forgetting ; shopping at Supre, oysters, lobsters, FOOD! and more shopping!

Will be going to Movie World, Dream World, Tangalooma Beach for dolphins, and Brisbane.
Cant waitttttttt :DD

I'll be updating through my twitter :

Not so recent picture of me, eventhough took this about 2 weeks ago.
My hair colour is definitely different, the length is different, almost everything is different!
I miss my long silky hair ): now its dry short and brittle.

So anyways, have you guys started planning for your Christmas?

I've already passed out my Gingerbread Cookies (:
my first time making them, and Jess told me it tasted good *she might be lying but, oh wells* hehehe.
& dont you think its super chio? Took me damn long to decorate them, cause I couldnt draw their smiles on perfectly! Basically I screwed up abit on their faces, hahah. Some look damn retarded.


One thing I know I will be missing the most is, youu.

Please take care of yourself when i'm in Australia ; please drink a lots of water, sleep early, eat healthy, no cold cold stuff and fried/oily foods kay, pleaseee ? Dont be stubborn ahhh!

& lastly be good!

Love you 
& only you .

Till I see youu on Christmas (:



Unknown said…
CHEH! for a moment i thought you were talking to me! hahaha. didnt know its for leyvin. i damn jealous weih.

have fun in aussie! buy something for me! ;P

love you, xoxo.

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