Pre-Christmas with Erin

Have you guys seen the deco around ze malls in kayelle?
Which one do you like the most?

Well, i've only seen OneUtama, The Curve and MidValley.
Havent been going out duringtheday much.

So far the best would be The Curve's.

Cause its something different, it has these whole 'walking through a park/garden' theme.
They decorated all the way from Cineleisure to The Walk.

The second one would be MidValley's with magical castles and candles dangling from the top. & its not that huge this year, minus points for that.

One Utama's one was the most common, white christmas.
dotdot - yawns, boring!

I think my outfit blended in perfectly with the surroundings lol   ;p

the sister of mine (:


Had lunch at The Apartment.
my new loves, Delicious can go suck balls.

From left to right, top to bottom : Roast Duck, Clams in white wine & butter, Tomato Soup w/ Garden Fresh Salad, Strawberries & Merringue w/ Whipped Cream, Chicken & Avacados, Passionfruit Cooler.



Anonymous said…
hey wondering where u got d white hairband?

You'd be interested in . . .