Surfers Paradise ♥

I'm getting use to the two hours time difference, Gold Coast is two hours ahead.
That means I have to wake up two hours earlier -_- ohmygodd.
Anyways i've been having loads of fun these couple of days, went to Movie World & Dream World; did shopping on Surfers Boulevard. Supre & Ice is the looveeee (:
Steak two days straight!
i'm starting to get bored of it.
Heres some pictures of me , Erin & Alisha.

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil.
Hahaha awesome trio ;p

Till the next updateee !


Unknown said…
you curled your heart! i like ;)

btw, do you have your friend swai's link for her blogskins?

stephiielim said…
hehehe, I can only do it like tht. With my really cacated hands. Why ah?

I dont know wor, you can check out her blog tho! Hehehe. She did mine and Wendys as well. Their blog links are at the side corner yea.
Unknown said…
oops, i meant hair :P why? haha, no reason. its just pretty.

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