2009, recap.

Pictures from 2009.

what a wonderful year it has been .
2010 dont disappoint me pleasee ! 




Anonymous said…
oh....yea...u have prove that time do makes everything as clear as crystal.after a year, aiya,dont know how to say but look at bell and her ex,i think bell had finally understand.u r right,and prove that i chose to believe u year ago was a right choice. u r rawsome!
Suraya said…
been reading ur blog for more than a year now, u had put up with tonnes of drama, changed ur layout few times, fired back stupid comments from 124578931 names from the same "anonymous", see you having fun with great friends and your photo editing improved a lot. i wish u have a better and happier days ahead :)

p/s: i always love this quote from u "just click and delete"
stephiielim said…
Hey Suraya, thanks for the awesome comment (: I feel so appreciated ! Hehe. All the best to you too in this upcoming year. Many well wishes, xx.

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