Chulo & Mist.

Went drinking at Chulo, Jaya One on a perfect breezy nightt (:

Cally, AshleyC, Me.

Jasmine, Cally, AshleyC, Me.


damn candid chou tut shot! hahaha.

heels galoreee!
ooh and my pinkywinkie toenails, loving the nail colour (:

shameen, babylv and friend.

After that, the girls and I continued on at Mist Club Bangsar.

callyyamm and I.
sometimes my leg can look really muscular -_-

me, ashleyC & callyyam.


quite an awesome night tho.
crowd was awesome, people was great, company was the best (:

was hoping from once place to another ; if I'm not mistaken I was at Sunway Pyramid earlier.

p/s : Idk why, but I damn lazy to type and write long long post accompanying my pictures anymore. Hmm but im guessing most of you are here for the visuals. Harhar.


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