Ducatti Event @ Upstairs, The Loft.

It was a really last minute thing, John gave me the invites like really last minute.
& since I got nothing I thought of dropping by since my other friends were at SPACE.

I got there really late, so I missed the grand entrance ; but I saw and touched a lot of cool super-bikes, harhar.

It was mad packed, bumped into few familiar faces but was kinda lazy to take pics. So yeaaa.


Then headed down to SPACE.
The crowd on Fridays are really really wild, especially white chicks.
White hot chicks *ahems* ; tabletopdancing, drunkedonshots, etc.

Kak Inez.

Inez, Me, Tasha.

There you go.
Now go imagine, harhar.

tried a candid but failed miserably.
recognize the charms?
yeah so, anyways. 


that sums up my night.
i think i'm  getting old for this 

Its rather saddening really, it used to be different.



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