Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009 !

Happy New Year ! 
Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010. 

2009 has been really awesome to/for me in many ways. 
I've learned & gained so much; things I never thought that would ever happen, happened. The new people i've met who thought me a thing or two about life and opened my eyes to see the bigger picture; thanks, you made me realize and mature in lots of ways. All the mischief and adventures I shared with people around me just adds more fun and joy for 2009.

Eventho all the new experience and whatnot, I also had my fair share of loses.
It is certainly an unwelcome experience nobody would like to endure but its a fact in life, we gain some we lose some. But after the downs, I'll always get thru and get shot right up. I call that, Karma. What goes around comes around.  

So overall its been a great year for me (: 
Hopefully 2010 would bring more awesomeness/joy/fun/laughter/wadeverelse in my life and to yours as well. 

Once again, happy new year everyone! 

All the best for this upcoming year, two-oh-oh-ten ♥ 

ohh by the way, goodluck to those turning TWENTY! -_- 
p/s: I'm turning twenteen heheh ;p


emily lims said…
im twenteen too! haha

You'd be interested in . . .