I think mum is gonna kill me if she sees the title harharhar.
sorry lah, my creativity level has dropped to ground zero ; dont expect me to come up with anything special anymoree. 

Yeah so anyways, shopping trip with mummyloves and Erin to kayelle some time ago.
I needed to get my prom dress if im not mistaken.
lol this is the downside of not blogging properly for a long time.

Walked everywhere around the golden triangle from Pavilion, to Lot 10, until Times Square.

mummyloves and me.

me loves ; Golden Half lomo (:

Blazer : Channel Inspired | some online shop.
Top : White sleeveless | Forever 21.
Skirt : Studded Holes (?) | some online shop.
Bag : Faux Python Carrier Bag | Charles & Keith. 

We didnt have dinner at kayelle due to a few reasons ;
1# To avoid the traffic jam after working hours.
2# have no idea what to eat.

& we were all craving for food at The Apartment!

So yea, drove all the way back to The Curve for dinner.

My face is just so superduperliciously bloated , omfgwtfbbq.

ooh btw ;
Belt : Peacock Details | 6th Floor Sungai Wang.
Earrings : Purple Diamond studs | Cotton On.
Bracelet : Black & Gold | Diva.

Happy shopping people!
Chinese New Year is around the cornerrrr ;p



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