My 19th Birthday at Zouk ; 4Play -- Pre-party.

My nineteen birthday ; which was in June last year hahaha.

This was like a pre-birthday/party thing held in Zouk.
Thanks to those who planned everything for me  (:
& to those who made it.

to see the smiles on peoples faces, made my night already.

Mich, Mirabel, StefAw, birthdaygirl, EevonAw, Kim, Feliciaa.

5secs each for all the girls hahaha.

simon, being really gay  ;p

my sexy back, mind the bra strap. lol.

billy, ben, kahwai, simon, botak.

waihan, me, kim, felicia, ben.

simonnnn and me. so unprepared, lol.

me, mike, waihan.
i think i look like a hamster/guineapig.

benben and me.

ooh and I won a Lady GaGa CD!
hahah, talk about birthday presents hmm.

my boyyys ;p
them trying to imitate someonee* lol.

whee  :D

idk how and why but the night became quite friendly through the end ;
made friends with the german or swiss group next to our table, harhar.

me and feliciaa.

I can quite remember my 19th was quite the bomb, haha. So yeap i'm satisfied (:
hope for another awesome birthday this yearrrr.



Ashley Dy said…
Happy birthday!

On a random note, what are your favorite magazines sweety?

You'd be interested in . . .