A new year , A new chapter.

This afternoon I was at the boyfriends place.
was checking on my facebook & mail.

Came across a notification by blogger, click and someone left a comment.
Anonymous, who ever you are I had to read your comment like 2000 times till I understood it lol!

Anyways I was a bit blur bout what it meant, but I knew what it was about.
So I went to someones blog ; this particular persons blog which I never visited for a long long time ever since the last war hahah.

I did a quick scroll up and down & went like, "Ohmygod 4 page essay again meh?"
but anyway took my time and read through it *I did jump a few paragraphs tho :D* 

Now now, don't expect me to jump up and down smiling or screaming saying I told you so ; when I only have one word to say, KUDOS !

I'm glad that some grudges can be put to rest now.

I was shocked that she was brave enough to tell the world the utter most truth about the type of guy he is and what he did to her, when I know most girls ; when their boyf cheats on them, they'll just close one eye and try to cover it up. Heck, I even did that for my ex-ex. I know that it takes a lot of willpower to come clean with all this shit, and that's why I think people should totally respect her for doing that. 

Anyways I'm glad that you finally know the truth.
& as weird as it sounds *swallows saliva* , I totally know how you feel right now. 

I wished that 3 years ago, this drama didn't happen.
would have saved a lot on reload coupons and petrol, lol. 

For whatever its worth ; you'll pull through this, wait. YOU ARE SO OVER IT. 
so just let what happened, past.
theres no point writing anymore about 'it' cause you're just giving him more opportunities to make more excuses and lies. 

all the best to you.

for those who've doubted me, fuck you.
its a done deal.


On another note, totally unrelated.

My point is proven!
The truth will surface , as time will prove everything.
that is, if you're really sin-free, lol.
not to say I am but you get the drift.

cause Karma will come and bite you in the ass!

Go on, create all the fucking rumours and stories you want to be said about me.
Say I did this , I did that yada yada.

I know for a fact that, these childish things we human do, will never stop even till we're old. You thought it only happens in highschool? No way, rumours will even follow you to the grave. 

Eh hello, people in old folks home also gossip one okayy?

I'll do what I do best, IGNORE.
cause what else can I do? Explain myself? For what? I did that a lot of times, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I don't know why weih, oh wait ; cause its not my mind that needs to change its yours. Yes, you people who fucking enjoy to criticize and judge others. Sigh, when will you only learn?
why make life so complicated? nothing better else to do ah?

Monkey says, monkey do.

Okay, bye!


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Total stranger said…
i know who that certain blogger is HAHA
stephiielim said…
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TS : okayyyyyyyy! (:

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