random trip across space.

It was ladies night ;  so me and cally had nothing planned, whats better than free booze, music and a place to party/screamoutloud? 

Dropped by SPACE cause Aina was there with her friends and Brian was spinning that night.

Cally , yourstruly and AinatheBomb.
Check out her abs weih!


AinatheBomb, Cally, StalloneH, Botak.



evon said…
is tht a romper ur wearing?
emily lims said…
miss aina n u babe..
heyy next time yumcha bring me along lah :)
stephiielim said…
Evon : Nope its not, its a tube top and shorts lol.

Emily : Heyyy babe, sorry bout tht! It was a last minute thing. Yeah we should plan smth with all the girls (:

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