Boon H's Farewell.

After the stay at Gardens Hotel with babylv ;
we attended BoonH's farewell at OUG, she's leaving to Melbourne.

me and weilynn, my highschool partner in crime  (;

YoonKit, KinLim & Neil.

damn cmi shot, lol.

our usual group ;
we used to hang out all the time during highschool, either skipping class or sneaking into the canteen to purchase food eventhough it wasnt even recess ! lol.

& thats BoonH in red!

proper shott.

group photo!
spot the boyf , lol.

this gathering brought back some highschool memories I had with the fellow classmates of mine. How I missed high school , hmmm. I miss the company mostly, not the school lolol.


and that sums of my fantastic weekend :D
now snapping back to reality, doh.


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