College Days

I miss those college days when we were still located at the mainblock.
Now its all transferred to KPD and I can tell you that it suckkks mayjah!

ugh, not only that the parking at MB is always full ; you have to hop on to a bus and ride for about 10mins to the other block. Even if you think about parking at KPD the parking fees will kill you about RM15 per day. 
So its like RM15 x 4 = RM60 a week minimum.

Luckily I only got two days of college a week.

Anyways pics from college with the mates  (:

yours truly.

Afdzal the nerd and Ian "Anti-Social" Koh.

Derrick Vain Pot and Ian bumping his head, lol.

Afd getting raped by James ;p

Anyways the boys were foosing at Spinky and the loser had to do this  ;

crawl under the table!
hahahaha, damn embarrassing can?
imagine everyone looking at you and snapping pics, lolol.

Oh how I miss the old times.



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