Halloween '09

Here's the pics from Halloween 2009!
hahah, like finally.

me and cally checked in around twelve something at One World Hotel.

Seriously, all of us girls just wanted to like spend this holiday/event together that we made an excuse to berbonding yada yada so we can have some girly time shopping & dolling up together.
Hence another stay at a hotel harhar.
somemore damn near my house -_-

the room was quite good ;
nice view, size is acceptable, bathroom was nice, etc.

two queen size beds!
not bad loh.

Not long after, Abigail and Sarny came.
Unpacked and stuff then headed down to One Utama for some last minute shopping.
We didnt have any outfits or costumes for halloween!

got everything we needed then headed back up to the room, changed and down to the pool!

AbigailT | CallyYam | Me | Sarny

anyway it was around 5pm and the sun went down already, so me and Sarns plan for suntanning fail major but Abbie and Cally was happy that they didnt have to take cover under umbrellas lol.

we camwhored abit around the pool, picture credits to Abbie.

loving this pic!

bestie and meeeeeee :DD

missing my long hair too 

oh yea, we damn bergangsta.
smoked and chitchat around the pool like we owned it lol.

finalleh, we decided to attack the kiddies pool!

Sarnys fab buttt.


kiddies pool, 0.9m only haha.

got back up, showered and such then the boys came over.
got ready then went for dinner at Just Thai.

All of us were kinda exhausted from swimming + shopping, while the guys were tired from cleaning + moving , heheh.
So no pictures from dinner! 

after dinner, went back to the room ; changed for the partyyyy!

AbigailT | Ravin | Sarny | CheeHong | LeyVin | Stephanie | Loyce

Loyce and Kassym came to visit!

Off to MardiGras which was just a walking distance, hehe.
Everything so convenient!

All of us in our 'costumes' ; some half costumes lah.

the boyf and me.
boyflen dont like smiling when taking pics  ):

thats Loyce and Kassym.
& stop staring people! scroll down now.

hahaha, this picture damn cmi weih.
Sarny drinking alone, like trying to get drunk liddat and abbie sucking on her lollipop ring  ;)

Surprisingly MardiGras was packed.

bumped into super loads of familiar faces that night.
Mostly highschool friends and etc.

Cally | Me | Botak

Top row : May Gin | Sam | JunKien
Bottom row : Cally | Botak | Me | Stallone | KengSing


Everyone loved playing around with my spear, lol I forgot the name!
Yeah so in the end of the night I lost it anyway  -_-

Me | Jasmine | Cally

It was crazyyyy!
The girls and I had fun dancing, singing, bimbo-ing the whole night away.

& thats Loyce and WanRue up on the water podium thingamajigg.

After that back up to the room, few more others joined.
Continued drinking and telling jokes etc ; till everyone was zonked out.

guess who?


next day, woke up late.
extended the room for abit 
& then late lunch at Wong Kok, OU.

CheeHong | CallyYam

babylv | me

Sarny with babys jacket.
Looks like shes been tied up in a straight jacket or something, harhar.

anyways it was an awesome Halloween!
uhmm loving it.

& I think me and the bunch stayed in hotels more than regular people do in a year, oh my.
every month one time lol.
harhar, but what's there to complain? room service, housekeeping, yada yada. whats not to loveeee. 

okay till then!


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