MK's Wedding & New Year '09

New Years eve was spent at Renaissance Hotel cause me and baby had a wedding to attend to.
One of babys friends was getting married!

The ballroom was spectacular and overall it was a wonderful event  (:

Group picture!
From left to right : Ezra, Pak Ken, Simon, the groom, CheeHong, Ravin and LeyVin.

thats me and my booo!

AbigailT and yours trulyyyy.

loving Abbie's dress all the way from Supre.

the couples  (:
Ravin, Abbie, Me & babylv.

awww so cute!

us and the groom, hehe if youre wondering why he's dressed like so its because it was a theme wedding!

I wasnt informed so yeaaa, lol.

the boys again.

Once the wedding was over, all of us got ready for the countdown!

the ballroom was then turned into some party/eventhall lol.

everyone was pretty hyped ; even after the countdown!

Pak Ken, Baby and Ravin all got up on stage and started dancing, lolol.

Sarny came and joined us not long after!

Hahahah , Ezraaaa!
shooo cute.
*not only your pics will be on facebook now it'll also appear on my blog ;p nenenene*

Pei Li dressed as a greek goddes and me.

... to be continued


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