the party dont start till I walk innn ;p

Months agooo, like way way ago lol.
me and the friends decided to head out clubbing since it was a long time we hung out together.
we were suppose to head to Loft but they had an event there so we chose SPACE and if I am not mistaken & it was my first time there.

Lets start this post with ;

a very bad picture of afdzal hahaha.
hey dont blame me, the dude took this shot on his own lol!

bestie and me  (:

& thats Faez, going solo on this.

bumped into SuMay who was working there that time  (:

Sid & Afd

the boyyyys!

Mr Ramli and yours truly.

a picture with the always-so-busy bestieee.

WanRue and her friend, sorry I forgot your name!  D:

Once the alcohol did its magic, all of us headed to the dance floor.

it was packed and sweaty, omg.

SuMay joined us after work !
& there were few dudes stalking her hahahaha.

oh & bumped into Andy that night as well, couldnt find the picture he took tho.
Its somewhere on facebook lol.

After that supper at the mamak next door.
Gosh we were all starving!

everyone was exchanging stories
& Ben attempted to tell a joke but failed badly lol!

*robinhood, some guy with a sword and hangtuah*
lol, doesnt tie in.

and this cute angmoh chick was serving tables all around, it was pretty entertaining to watch hahaha.
Actually the whole night was entertaining ; lol.
A fight broke out in the mamak soon after, and it was pretty big. Some guy got dragged out and bashed outside, on the pavement. Ouch!

Faez was the destined driver of the night and he got me home safely (:

that's Saddam, also known as Mr Bean.
Cause he remind me of Rowan Atkinson, can or not?

that basically sums up my nightttt 
till the next one!


& if youre wondering why I bother uploading all these overdued pics here its because my blardy facebook aint working! and people keep bugging me for the pics, hence my friends are able to grab all the pics they want from my blog. Its a win win situation to me. Regular updates and people get their photos, tadaaaa.

Okehhh bye!


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