Speedzone Rave at Genting Highlands '09

Last years rave, something in-conjunction with the race at Singapore or something.
correct me if i'm wrong.

So yea, up to Genting Highlands on the day the rave itself.

babylv and bryan picked me and cally up from my place ;
drove around damansara for last minute shopping and off to genting.

loving my jumper  (;

we then stopped at the temple on the way up to Genting, some did prayers
while me and cally walked around.

babylv and me


Top : Cardi in Nude | Zara, Jumper | Sg Wang
Bottom : Animal Printed red flats | ALDO.

us camwhoring to the toppp.

the rest were already up ;
sarny , abbie, etc.

stayed at Genting Hotel ; so much bigger and better than first world.
plus its nearer to the Arena of Stars.

the boyf and me, chilling at the room.

Miss Cally Yam, hahaha. 
candid betul ;p

then got ready -- like one hour before!
was kinda in a rush, ugh I hate being rushed  ):

I think me and Cally took the longest to get ready haha.
& if i'm not mistaken I finished last, as you can see I was still in my shorts and uggs while Cally is already all dressed up.

four lovely ladies (;
AbigailT, Me, SarnyFarny, CallyYam.


I remembered that we werent early.
So by the time we got there the stadium was already filled up.
Plus I was wearing a jacket , which only made it more hot and stuffayyy.

thank god for my shades, if not you'll be able to see all my smudge makeup!

Cally, CheeHong & I.

the girls ;
sarny has abs! haha, the babe loved this picture very much huh !

a picture of me and baby.
I remembered both of us planned to get jackets and stuff, worrying that we might freeze to death etc. But heck it was so hottt inside that after a while baby took of his, lol.

bestie and I.

bumped into CherylJ as well!

Okay, couldnt really capture the light effects and stuff.
But here's one for your imagination.

yeah so anyways, we didnt stay until it ended.
we continued partying at the room & sorry I left my camera somewhere so didnt manage to snap pics.

if you want visuals head on to Abigail's blog for the after party pics.


left the next day around noon-evening , touched down KL just in time for dinner!
Had dinner at New Paris.
everyone was pretty tired, so yeaa.

the boyf & me-in-a-beanie.

cheehong and callyyam.

sarny and brian.

thats all folks!



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