who wants to be alone when the sun comes up ?

After karaoke session at Neway, me and baby headed all the way back to the hotel and changed ; yes we're both vain , harhar. 

then off to Zouk!

I was rather happy cause not only the usual group of people will be there, but Daryl and the rest are joining as well

Its been sucha long time since I partied with the brother of mine!

Daryl !


my two favouriteeees !
leyvin & daryl

minhui & I

Ilussion shotttts.
I dont think theres ever I time we went and did not order shots D: lol.

Daryl, Ki Wei & baby.
I think the boys had so much fun that night , hehe.


see what I mean?
& thats baby and Edwin.

sam and kiwei, lolol.

I think my baby's dance sexierrrr ;p

the brother ko'ed already, lol.

and thats a very random shot.

kisses to the boyf  ♥


minhui & I again.
me trying to be oh-so-gangsta , lol failed max.

baby and KiWei damn berbonding lah that nightt, lol.
and don't mind the other drunk fella over there.

muh fierce looking boyf and sam.

KiWei and me starring blankly at _____.

then back to the hotel !
maybe we yumcha'ed somewhere, but I forgot lol.
Oh wells, bad memory, hmm.


headed to breakfast around 6am, and for the first time we weren't alone dining!

the food was good , and I lovedddd the ambience!
ohmy, esp the smoking area hahaa.

maybe this angle doesnt really justify how good it was , oh welllls.

after breakfast both of us slept like a baby!
only to wake up middle of the day, hahaha.
& then we headed to BoonHuei's farewell, and that will be continued in another post.

till then, x.


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