you're the only one for me.

dinner with the lovelies at The Gardens, The Curve.

thats Erin at the back, harhar.

you saw a picture from the back, here's the front one.
we were actually walking backwards tho :D

my mr unicorn and me (:

Daryl and LeyVin.

I seriously think they have loads of similarities. 
Even the mum and sis agrees, lol.

my two favourites in the worlddd.

After dinner Daryl and Cristine left.
So me, babylv, Juls & Elaine went over to Cineleisure to check out the movies.

Bought tickets for Case 39, we were trying to scare ourselves again.

using the Ogawa chairs at the waiting lounge.
the boys were super cute, running around the hall; playing. 

in the theatre room ;

Elaine & Julius.

babyboo and me.
hahahaha, how we would squeeze and cuddle up in one chair (:

yumcha'ed at Station One after the movie.
the movie wasnt bad, kinda predictable but boleh tahan la. certain parts made me jumped tho D:

baby and his drink, my baby super outstanding that day horrr.



emily lims said…
cool seats babe that theater??
is it gold class?
nak try jugak later :)
stephiielim said…
no its not, its uhrm Platinum I think or Premier at Cineleisure Damansara! Hehehe.

You'd be interested in . . .