ZookiePookie ♥

... continued

&  that's Ezra, hahaha.
shooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee ;p

a lot of camwhoring sessions followed.
AbigailT, Sarny, Me 

Another tray of Illusion shots.
mmmm yummehh.

Bumped into JonL upstairs :D

me and sarn.
I wonder what were we thinking , lolol.

& our infamous pose.
which accidently happened at RedBox  -_-


someone was merajuking earlier.

hehehe, CANDID!

the sayangs  (:

Ravin & Ka Hoe

Finally babylv & me

me, babylv, JordanL & Charine.


outside zouk ;

outfit shot!

loving my shoesssss!
& missing my long hair weih. 
like seriously.

the boyf and meeee.


after that, yumcha session at Jelutong, DJ.

Abbie & yours trulyy.

Sarn looks like shes gagging on the fork

and then using it to bully people!

i'll end this post with a picture of me and my booboo 


had an awesome time!
was camwhoring mostly , heheh.


Anonymous said…
whr is ur dress from? its really pretty!
stephiielim said…
Its from an online blog shop, but I forgotten the name!
Oh my ; will let you know once I rmbered (:
Thanks for the compliment tho x.

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