Alice in Wonderland

So on Sunday night me and the family had a berbonding session ;
watched Alice in Wonderland 3D in One Utama :D
loved loved loved the movie!
I absolutely fell in love with the Mad Hatter!
& the storyline is damn good.
Anyways on Monday met up with the besties for karaoke at Redbox ; Gardens.
it was so much fun!
sang our lungs out till our throats went dry and till we were starving as hell till Erin & SeeWai had to sneak in sushi hahahaha :D

after karaoke'ing we went over to Mid Valley to check out the decorations inconjunction with AIW.
I was madddd happy omgg, was being a kind again hahaha.

me and the four darlingggs.

more pictures soon!
credits to : Wendy Yit <33

got me AIW teapot set :D


oh btw friends, my digi phone died on me.
& I cant remove the simcard because I zh'ng my phone and glued the thing shut, omfgmajorlol.
so if youre trying to contact me you can call my maxis , if you dont have it message me on facebook!

cherriossss, ta.


SAMMIE said…
told ya u look better with bangs ;D

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